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sexta-feira, 23 de março de 2012

Everyday a new object

Imagine the challenge to create everyday, during one year, a new object, going from things that can only be used to decoration, to more artistic things, everyday objects reinvented or player around, and even things that really have some use (hey, what?). This was the idea of Jason Taylor, a designer based in New Mills, over there in England.

I like very much this idea, after all there is nothing like you push yourself to do something everyday to really evolve your abilities to do that in a way you never imagined you could. Not only that, he has some very interesting creations. There is some below, you can click to know more about them and at the links you can visit the site of the project to check all he created so far.

--- Links
Everyday Object website, where you can see all his creations so far
Jason Taylor’s offical website