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quinta-feira, 1 de março de 2012

The city of samba, in tilt shift

Take a look at this video and while you watch it try to find out if it is an animation, a film using miniatures or just a big lie.

Well, considering that you have watched the video, it is a junction of pictures, all edited to create this effect that makes the human brain so confuse. This effect is known as tilt shift and to do this video more than 160 thousand pictures were taken.

And just to mention (despite the fact it is already in the video), this movie was produced in a partnership between Jarbas Agnelli, from AD Studio, from Sao Paulo, Brazil, with Keith Loutit, from Sydney, over there in Australia. Mr. Keith Loutit is known as one of the pioneers in this amazing tilt shift creations and, if you wanna see more of his works, his YouTube channel with other videos all over the world are is in the links.

--- Links
Keith Loutit YouTube channel with more tilt shift videos
Keith Loutit website
AD Studio, from Jarbas Agnelli, website