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quarta-feira, 29 de fevereiro de 2012

Software in 140 chars

If you are a cinephile with green shoes you probably know that the manifest Dogme 95 was a proposition to make cinema where some rules had to be followed and through this limitation of what was possible to be done it ended up generating new solutions, discussions and ideas that were spread in a way this kind of things are spread and no one understands. Being simple and direct “limitation obligates people to be creative”, yes?

Maybe thinking about it (or not) a bunch of programmers created The website has a great number of softwares, all written in Java and the rule is that the source code length has to be short enough to be in one tweet.

It is all open source and they have many types of software, they even have games like a simplified Tetris or that old snake game which was popular in old cell phones.

Clique on the images to play the games, or in the links bellow to learn more about this games, visit the website, take a look, maybe be a part of it or just check how come someone succeeded to program that thing with so little code.

--- Links
How the Tetris like game was made
How the snake game was made website