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segunda-feira, 6 de fevereiro de 2012

The shoe is mine and I do with it whatever I want

The video below is the making of one part of a campaign to a new shoe from Nike which has the slogan “The shoe that keeps life going”. Their idea was to get one of those shoes and make an aquarium from its shape.

Then, there are some pictures of a project of the designer Alex Nash, that for some reason decided it would be nice to transform a pair of shoes in an amp to play guitar.

The last thing is more photos. The first 3 (the sandwich, the banana and the ballerina shoe) are creations of Max Berliti, all the other ones were created by Daniel Reese. This last ones, if you really like them, you can buy them all at Mr. Reese’s website, they ship all over the world, and in case you decided you want to finally have that pair of shoes you always dreamed of, Mr. Reese is open to special requests. I selected just a few creations of him, but I liked that he uses as inspiration videogames, TV series, comics and even music bands.

Find out about some crazy things some even more crazy people are doing with shoes may not save your life one day, but it’s nice to see something from everyday transformed into one thousand different things with much more personality than we are used to believe they can have. Yes?

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