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sábado, 25 de fevereiro de 2012

The Scale of the Universe

Cary and Michael Huang of the website are famous for creating a great number of interative application to the internet of many kinds, like a virtual message board where you can go and write anything you want and the next person who gets into the website will see what you left there and will be able to change it completely, to some small games, in fact some very eccentric I should say.

Their most recent work is the second version of some type of “comparative simulator of the size of the things of the universe”, called “The Scale of the Universe”. It is like look to the universe as if it was in a microscope and to change the magnification you use the scroll. If you click on the objects you can also get information about them.

Click on the image, take a look and tell me if this is not just perfect to put an end to any delusion of greatness of anyone, yes? *tu du dum, pish!*