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quinta-feira, 2 de fevereiro de 2012

Last month in (as video!)

jan.01 - ♫ Aaron Wright - Ill be fine
jan.02 - ☺♪ Gorillaz feat. De La Soul - Feel Good Inc
jan.03 - ♪⚡♥ Brad Sucks - I Command You to Be My Woman
jan.04 - ♫ Soundgarden - Fell On Black Days
jan.05 - ♪ The Black Ghosts - Full Moon
jan.06 - ♫▒ The Black Keys - Lonely Boy
jan.07 - ↺♪ Paul Weller - Around the Lake
jan.08 - ♫ Aimee Mann - Save Me (From the movie "Magnolia")
jan.09 - ♫ MONDRIAN - A kiss a day
jan.10 - ♪♪ Film School - Two Kinds
jan.11 - ♫ The Muffs - I'm Here I'm Not
jan.12 - ♫ Freelance Whales - Hannah
jan.13 - ♫ Editors - Munich
jan.14 - ♬⚡ Ladyhawke - Magic
jan.15 - ♫ Sharon Jones & The Dap-Kings - I Just Dropped in to See What Condition My Condition Is In
jan.16 - ⍟♪ Bloco Bleque feat. Gabriel, O Pensador - Só Tem Jogador
jan.17 - ♫ The Zolas - The Great Collapse
jan.18 - ♬ Datarock - Molly
jan.19 - ♪⨆⊃ Garbage - Cup Of Coffee
jan.20 - ♫ Wir Sind Helden - Nur Ein Wort
jan.21 - ♪ Kenna - Freetime
jan.22 - ♫ Jon Fratelli - Dancing in the Dark (live)
jan.23 - ♬ Fischerspooner - Never Win
jan.24 - ✚♪ Norrda - Remedy
jan.25 - ♫ Dewey Cox - Guilty as Charged (From the movie "Walk Hard", performed by John C. Reilly)
jan.26 - ♪ Jen Wood - Zeppelin
jan.27 - ♫ Harvey Danger - Save It For Later
jan.28 - ✩ Just Jack - Starz In Their Eyes
jan.29 - ∧♪ Supertramp - The Logical Song
jan.30 - ♫ Mumford & Sons - Winter Winds
jan.31 - ♫ Shocking Blue - Good Times

Another month and here we are again.

If you watched the video you saw me saying that this month everyday1music completed 2 years and the amount of stories that happen when we decide to do something everything, no matter if it is raining of or if the sun is shining, at the good days and also at the ones that are not so good.

In December last year, my mother who was having some problems on her leg, ended up falling and breaking her femur, at the region it connects with the pelvis. From that day on it was a sequence of things happening to recover the leg and all the problems that appear when a person stays on bed in a hospital for a long time. She was getting much better in the last days, but in one of those things of destiny, at the morning of January 28 her heart stopped beating, what was unexpected to her conditions, and unfortunately she died.

At the day before it rained a lot in Sao Paulo, really a lot, at that way that you get stuck in traffic jam and without you notice it takes two hours more than it usually takes to do your everyday route. The tiredness of a Friday, the fact that she was much better and all that traffic which could me make get there only after the visiting hour, almost made me decide not visit her that night at the hospital, on contrary of what I was doing every night since she was hospitalized. However, in one of those moments when we do something and we don’t know why we are doing it, I decided to go, even if get there at the last minutes of the visiting hour, what ended up happening. I really could not imagine that was the last time I was talking to her, that that was the last “I see you soon”, the last “I see you tomorrow”. But it was.

When something like that happens inside our heads there is a voice that tells you to look to your life, to your routine, to everything we dedicate time and then to see with great strength how true it is that things may change in one day, that today can really be the last day to do something, that today can really be the last time you talk to someone, that life never stops and nothing is forever. We tend to evaluate how we spend our time and where we let our drops of life pour.

Among all the things I have evaluated were my websites, which includes the everyday1music (about the other ones I will talk at some other time) and all the work it is to do it, if it was really right to keep going with it and so on.

The answer was more simple than I expected. I saw that I had to keep going simply because it is true, it has no pretension and the intention it has is good. The website brings something good to people, on the song you listen and then remember some place, some time, or someone, on that on the song you listen that embraces a moment your living, that pushes you to keep going, giving you strength or comfort when you realize we are not alone in any feeling we may have, on the musician on the other side of the world sending me his songs and then feeling happy to see that someone else recognize that, likes that and see value on something that needed so much effort to produce. One of the most important things that keeps the world working is the capacity to inspire people and music is probably the best way to do that.

There are a great number of bands and songs over there and I like when I find a real artist, who does something true, either being from the past or from the present, and which is not recognized as I see he, or she, should be. In some sense I feel responsible to find these musicians and make their messages reach the greatest amount of people possible.

This 2 years of the website had many moments that helped me to see how much music is important to the world, to people and how it is important to me to be a little part of it every day. So, to sum it up, ladies and gentleman, illustrious members of the jury and our beloved intellectual hamster, always present as a infamous joke, as long as I can, everyday, at the good and at the not so good days, one music will be there. Happy birthday everyday1music!

And that’s all for now, next month we have more. Bye.