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sexta-feira, 3 de fevereiro de 2012

Iron Sky and Wreck-a-Movie

Before I say something, take a look at this trailer bellow.

If you ever have the curiosity to talk to some “Cinema tendencies analyst”, if something like that really exist, I’m pretty sure he is going to say a thing or two about “crowd funding”, which is nothing more than a way to obtain money to do something (movies in this case) through donations of variant sizes made by people who simply believe in the idea. The collaborations can be a 2 dollars donation via PayPal, or a T-shirt and a pen you buy. There are also bigger donations that may give a share on the movie profits and participation on the production of the project itself.

Another tendency with a similar vibe is called “participatory cinema”, which is when people contribute not with money but with work and ideas. A very famous website about it is the Wreck-a-Movie, over there a bunch of projects post their needs, it can be a writer to write a nice release, or some animation artist, soundtrack composers, editors, producers, set builders, translators, make-up artists, lawyers, well, anything that movie production may need.

Iron Sky is a movie who got a lot of support from Wreck-a-movie to be done and see this final result, without considering if the movie will delivers to its promises is quite nice. I really like to see this kind of initiative working, if a bunch of people get together with the same intention it is possible to make what they want, even inside the world of movies, a millionaire industry that demands huge investments. Oh, and we should not forget to mention that this kind of initiative open possibilities to new talents and specially to new ideas that would never see the light of the day if their approval was up to business heads with a gigantic tendency to only believe in self reference, sequences and remakes.

The movie has other trailers, you can find them all on the links at the end of the post, it even has a comic book that is prequel to the story and was also made on this mindset of “I wanna help this and that is what I can do”. The movie is set to hit theaters on April 4 of this year and at their website, besides learning more about the production, help if you feel like, see some pictures and all that, there is a form you can fill to request the movie in a theater near you.

If you decide to fill this form for request, remember that your request will only count after you confirm it by clicking on the link in the e-mail they will sent you.

Well, now we have to wait, the first opinions shall pop now in February when the movie will be first seen at the Berlin film festival, like the director of the movie already said on the video. But, before that, go visit Wreck-a-Movie, how knows maybe you get involved in a movie that end up being the next Star Wars, yes?

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