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domingo, 19 de fevereiro de 2012


Can you imagine how was it like to live at that time after the World War II? All that ideologies we just know through history books, applied for real, being written in history itself, the world changing in many ways. New scientific progresses, new philosophies, new discoveries and a very strong will to build up a new world that is known only by those who faced war and lived to tell.

Imagine now a huge city, built up around that time, carrying great ideologies of freedom, of this will to create a new world, leaving behind capitalist governments of far-right politics, totalitarian governments dressed up as protectors of freedom, communist governments and nazis. A city built up by artists, philosophers, scientists and all kinds of people who had a great believe that they could create the world of tomorrow, leaving behind what all the wars had proven to be wrong and insufficient.

Imagine that this town was built up at the bottom of the sea and, just like they say, a city that was not only impossible to be built under the sea, but a city that was impossible to be built anywhere else.

Welcome to Rapture. The year is 1960 and you get there after a plane crash at the middle of the ocean, being you the only survivor. Because of luck, or because of destiny’s irony, your plane fell close to one entrance to this utopian city. There, you will discover that something went wrong with that society, and, while you try to survive and find a way to get out, you will travel through the history of that place, of its characters, its scenarios, its mysteries, and will know why everything ended up bad.

This is the plot to the game Bioshock, launched in 2007 and I really doubt that it didn’t got your attention, even if you are one of those who doesn’t like videogames all that much.

Bioshock can be described as first person cinematographic narrative about survivor, mystery, horror and exploration.

This game represents a maturity in videogame design. The same way a well made movie can be fun to anyone, this game can succeed as an experience so well produced that anyone who try to live it will enjoy in some level and take something of value.

As a game, I could easily talk about something like 10 moments where the combination of music, light, environment, the amazing voice acting of the characters and the action at the moment, were stamped in my memory, as very few entertainment pieces ever succeeded to be, considering movies, books or whatever else.

And speaking just a little more about the voice acting, if you ever played Resident Evil 4, you probably can remember until today of the “um forastero!” or “atras de ti, imbecil!”. Here, what the characters say, what the vending machines say, what the propagandas from the city government say, or the tapes you find with recordings of thoughts and stories of characters and places, all that, will be in your memory for a good while.

In fact, I believe that the world of Bioshock as whole will be with you for a good while.

Being you a gamer, or gamer from the old times who thinks that the good things were done until the Playstation 1 era, being you a person who likes history, or things about World War II, being you a frustrated revolutionary, or a cinephile with green shoes, being you a normal person, this game can be (and should be) enjoined by everyone.

Produced by Irrational Games, with the design of Ken Levine, the game is available to Xbox 360, Playstation 3, Mac and Windows, and because it is a old game you will can find it a good price. Go try it, if you regret or if this game cause nothing on you, write to me and I will take you to a nice psychologist and we will take care of this amazing nice head of yours, yes?