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quarta-feira, 25 de janeiro de 2012

What Google says about those professions?

Some time ago I posted here some searches I did using the auto complete from Google. If you had something better to do and ended up not reading, or if you just forgot, the auto complete from Google suggests what you may be trying to type in the search bar based on what other people have typed after they typed what you already wrote (yes, that is a lot of typing, I know). In other words, we can use this to know how something is usually searched in Google, giving us one idea of what people may think about it.

Last time I did searches to see what Google would suggest about people of some countries, this time I decided to do the same but with professions.

Once again some weird things appeared like “analysts are wrong about ayurvedic system”, “chemists are gangsters” or “Bankers are the dictators of the West”. If on the other searches was common to see suggestions about the ethnicity of people of some country, this time it was common suggestions about the salary, if professions were underpaid or overpaid. It is interesting to notice that there was no suggestions about the average salary of any of the professions I tried to search, what could tells us that people are more worried if some profession is paid more, or less, than it should than in how much that is in fact paid to that profession.

Well, that is it, have fun, try some professions yourself later and if you wanna read the post about the countries just click here. Soon I will have another idea to do this with Google again. Just wait.

■ Analysts

■ Writers

■ Musicians

■ Translators

■ Actors

■ Actresses

■ Bankers

■ Biologists

■ Scientists

■ Comedians

■ Dancers

■ Game designers

■ Fashion designers

■ Designers

■ Engineers

■ Photographers

■ Lawyers

■ Diplomats

■ Mathematicians

■ Priests

■ Politicians

■ Psychologists

■ Chemists