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sexta-feira, 6 de janeiro de 2012


There is a very interesting relation between saying much without talking much, the problem is that to be minimalist to me is almost like taking care of a bonsai, I mean, I imagine it is, since my experience with bonsai comes all from Karate Kid old movies hehehe.

Well, if I remember correct what Mr. Miyagi said, it would be like bonsai because in bonsai you have to cut off the parts of the tree to leave at the end just what is necessary to turn it into its most perfect form, not having more than what is necessary to be so.

The first images bellow were created by the designer Patrik Svensson, from Sweden, known as Prince Hat. His idea was to create posters of movies and TV shows using the least graphics as possible, his choice was to use only basic characters to compose the images.

The second is a study of minimalism in package made by the design studio Antrepo, from Turkey. On this one of the packages, from the ones I selected, I liked more of the clean packages than the original ones, what about you?

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