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domingo, 22 de janeiro de 2012

Good ideas glow in the dark

At that place called internet I found some interesting chandeliers, lamps and light bulbs.

Te first images are from “Martyr the energy saving fundamentalist”, a character (or something like that) created by the collective of designers “The Play Coalition”, except for the last one that is from the studio EnPieza, from Spain, that resembles a lot Mr. Martyr becoming a martyr, if you know what I mean.

After that, there is chandelier by Studio David Graas, from Netherlands, made with paperboard.

Then, from Austria, created by the studio mischer’traxler comes some lamps which use that fluorescent lamps in a different way.

The last images are from something that is not exactly a lamp, a light bulb or a chandelier, is a annual report of a company from Croatia called Adris Group (?!). In 2008, we saw that economic crisis which affected the whole the world, this company, however, at that time had a great year and accordantly to them it was all because of the good ideas their employees had. In short therms, the idea is that good ideas glow in the dark and in times of crisis these ideas make the difference, that’s why their report have all the information it needs to have, but it also glows in the dark.

If you wanna know more, there are some links at the end of the post.


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