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quarta-feira, 4 de janeiro de 2012

2011 is over

Another year is over and feel obligated to say something about it, because even if it always one day after the other, it is another chapter that is closed, it is a sign that tells us very clear that time is indeed passing.

I have said this before, but when I put something here on the website, I do this because somehow that thing got my attention. With it I expect that someone visiting here also find it interesting, and how I like to joke about, even if “it is not something that may save your life someday”, it can at least be a distraction for a while, showing that there is much more happening and it may get out of our heads the worries of everyday.

Thanks a lot, once again, to everyone who visit, who comment, who complain when I put the wrong link, or who tell me that some story I wrote or put here made that person, laugh, cry, remember something or think about one thing never imagined before. This year, in fact, was the one were I could see more the impact of the things that I write here and by consequence the impact that this connection may have on me. I also wanna say thanks to the people that visit but don’t say anything, which are the most of the visitor, I just know that they exist because of the visit counters. Thanks a lot everyone for spending time here.

Oh, and speaking of time, I also need to say thanks to people, friends or not, who somehow divided some of their time and specially their stories with me in this 2011 and who did not care much about my sleep face or about the amount of questions I normally do.

Once again, thanks a lot for you all to be there and happy 2012.

Promises (funny or not) to 2012:
1 - Go back in time and say thanks to the person who invented cheese.
2 - Publish the new comic, which I’m always postponing.
3 - Play more videogame and watch more movies.
4 - Understand and believe that podcast is not company.
5 - Coffee, in many ways.
6 - Chocolate, in many ways.
7 - Rafting, again.
8 - Try to sells t-shirts.
9 - Let a mustache grown for real and fool around with it for at least on day, just for fun.
10 - Travel more than complain.
11 - Write more stories than have ideas to stories.
12 - Take over the world before the world ends.