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quinta-feira, 8 de dezembro de 2011

What Google says about that people?

You probably already noticed that when you type something in the search box of Google, it offers some options to “complete” what you are writing. Google does it based on the amount of searches made containing the words you already typed. So, observing this suggestions is possible to know what was the terms most searched about a subject.

Inspired by this campaign (other one from that people from the ROM chocolate) which tries to change the results that Google gives about the people of that country, just for fun I decided to search what Google says about people from other countries. I took some print screens and you can check the results bellow.

I doubt I’m the first one to try this, in fact I invite you to try some searches, just be careful not to get addicted, specially when weird things appear, like happened with Finland and Egypt. I was not expecting to see so many searches to know if the people of some country is white, or black, or whatever, maybe because I’m from Brazil, and since we have a great mix here I don’t mind all that much about that, but that doesn’t seems to be the case to other people. Another interesting thing is to notice how some stereotypes show up.

Well, I think I said to much already, take a look and comment if you make some interesting searches, or if just wanna say hi.

--- Australia
--- Brazil 
 --- China
 --- Colombia
 --- Egypt
 --- Finland

--- France
 --- Iran
 --- Italy
 --- Japan
 --- Mexico
 --- Nigeria
 --- North Korea
 --- Poland
 --- Russia
 --- South Africa
 --- South Korea
 --- USA