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sábado, 24 de dezembro de 2011

Next generation of vending machines

One of the biggest vending machines manufacturers of the world, Sanden, in a partnership with Okaya Eletronics and Intel, presented to the world a prototype of a new generation of vending machines.

This new toy has a 65 inch (around 1,65 meters) touch sensitive, high definition semi-transparent display. You just have to touch to chose what to buy or to get nutritional information about some product. Other characteristic of the machine is a camera used to detect the age and sex of the person buying, with this information the machine show directed advertising and since the machine is connected to the internet it would be possible to buy these advertised products right on the screen of the machine.

The project was initially designed to the Japanese market, not only because two companies of the project are from there, but because Japan has the largest vending machine market of the world, some vending machines, in fact you will only find in Japan. On the links at the end of the post you can check 14 of these machines.

Because it was designed to Japan the machine also have another interesting feature, an emergency mode which is active in case of natural disaster, like an earthquake, showing escape routes, giving informations and things like that.

The video bellow shows everything I said and more, take a look.

--- Link
14 vending machines from Japan