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quinta-feira, 29 de dezembro de 2011

Different jewelry

The legend tells that jewelry change with time, culture, technology and maybe even with alien influence. A very interesting example is how different societies see a person who has a tattoo or a piercing. Once again walking on the internet I found some works of an artist (crazy person) from Netherlands called Imme van der Haak.

Her idea was to create something more visual than exactly comfortable. It may not change your life, but maybe it will give you some ideas about how jewelry can be someday, or how you can make they be if you ever need to create a history about the future, or one that is just crazy.

About this necklace miss Haak tells that it was made with
the shards of broken cups where each one of then has a story,
all crocheted together with a silver wire

--- Link
Imme van der Haak oficial website