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sexta-feira, 23 de dezembro de 2011

Darth Vader, monks, cows and butter

I had no idea, but there is a millenary tradition of butter sculpting, yes, that same butter you put on bread, use to fry something and can even use to mess up with your cat, like on this video.

The legend tells that everything began a long time ago with monks from Tibet. To them this sculptures had a great meaning as a form of lesson, first because to sculpt the monk had to deal with the cold necessary to prevent the butter from melting, second because sculpt is not easy (right?) and third because it is know from the beginning that a statue made of butter won’t last very long, symbolizing the impermanence of things even if they are beautiful or demand great work and effort to built.

Today these kind of statues are much more popular in USA, at those state fairs, and it is quite curious to see how broad the themes are and how complex the statues can be. The small selection I have picked up, goes from Darth Vader and other characters from pop culture represented in real size, to cows doing crazy things like ridding a bike or sliding over their bellies on the Moon (yeah, I know).

Either because of the sliding belly cows or the monks impermanence story, I bet that after this your bread with butter will never be the same.