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sábado, 31 de dezembro de 2011

The cars of tomorow... in 1948

The video above was launched in May 21 of 1948, yes, 1948. I don’t know for sure were it came from, but I found it while I was doing some research to the text I’m writing about Bioshock (soon, wait for it, yes?).

I ended up being curious about the cars of the video, specially the one with the 3 wheels because it had many ideas ahead of its time and since I never heard about this company I started to wonder if in reality the car was very bad, or would for no reason catch up on fire, or send children to another dimension, or something like that.

What happened is that Mr. Gary Davis, that one the made possible to the narrator with that sensational to say that infamous phrase about the modern Frankenstein, was not only the designer of the car, he was also the owner of the company producing it and besides that, he was also a big of a crook. The illustrious man managed to be involved in many frauds, from taxes to employees not being payed. Mr. Davis went to jail for all this.

The company assets were sold to pay all the debits and the company founded in 1947 closed its doors in 1948. Some investors tried to make the project again, opening another company and so on, but it never worked out.

Something specially interesting, that could give us some scoop of how they really had ideas ahead of their time, is that they produced a prototype vehicle to the US army and it was being tested when it all collapsed. You can find a picture of this military prototype on the links at the end of the post. Can you imagine how different the automobile industry would be today if the US army had chose as their standard vehicles with 3 wheels?

Moral of the story, if you have good ideas try to believe on them and don’t walk around like a crazy man not paying what the law tells you must pay, ok?

--- Link
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A photo of the military prototype