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sexta-feira, 2 de dezembro de 2011

The art of dancing... or maybe not?

That the internet is filled with crazy people doing nonsense things you probably already know. This category, however, has many layers and subcategories, like the people that do something crazy once in day, everyday (oh look, non intentional self reference), and there is also a subcategory inside this everyday something category: The crazy people doing something crazy everyday to special holidays!

Some moment in 2010 two friends decided to post everyday of December a video of them dancing, in a countdown to December 24th. The amazing detail is that they don’t seem to have any special skills to dance, they simply move like crazy people having fun.

For some reason the project was a huge success (yes, humans are complex) and this year they are back. You can watch bellow their dance for this December 2nd and on the links you can check the full calendar for this year and the one from 2010.

Next time someone say something about your dance skills, you may say that there is a wild world out there where people may dance in ways you can’t imagine hahaha.

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