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sexta-feira, 9 de dezembro de 2011

About the new Twitter

Yesterday it arrived to mobile devices (iOS and Android) and it will arrive to all the rest of the world in the next days, the new Twitter. Check it out their presentation video bellow.

Much is being said about how this new interface and all this integrations it has with video websites, photos websites and so son, in some ways makes the twitter experience closes to what is the experience when using something like Facebook, but with losing its original personality.

Personally I like this new interface, I believe it organize and makes things more simple. I agree that, in its mobile and also normal web version, it is very clear their attempt to make twitter easier to understand, since despite all the buzz around the platform, there is still a great number of people who doesn’t get that it is not about knowing what someone ate at breakfast and that the type of connection made there is quite different from the connections made in Facebook. However, I’m not so sure if this changes are the answer to make Twitter as popular as Facebook.

Another thing this new Twitter brings is interactions buttons, similar to the idea of the Facebook buttons, making it easier to like or share something, but in the context of the platform. There are buttons to tweet already with a specific hashtag, or tweet mentioning someone directly. Aside that, the old buttons where revamped.

One new possibility that sounds interesting, but I’m not so sure if it will be really useful, is that now you can embed a tweet directly in a blog post or something, just like we do with YouTube videos, as an example. using this embed the tweet shows up with the same presentation it has if it was in Twitter and it also has all the interaction buttons, like retweet, add as favorite, reply and so on. On the links at the end of the post there is a text explaining better how this and the new buttons works, if you fell like knowing.

Still talking about links, there is also one from the Twitter itself explaining how the new interface works, but all with that presentation that assumes that this will be your first contact with Twitter.

If everything goes wrong and this new twitter fail in bringing new users who right now believe the platform is too complex comparing to things like Facebook, or those who believe they can only use one social network at once, this new interface will make things easier to the people that is already in, who already gets and likes twitter, who probably enjoys to discover random things clicking here and there, who likes to once in a while search about something just to see what the world is talking about it, those ones who probably had Twitter as their favorite social network, exactly because it already had all that.

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