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domingo, 11 de dezembro de 2011

3 scary meals

Once more, waking innocently over the internet I came across with something weird. This time this 3 delicious delicacies bellow.

The first one is the sensational Depp Fried Butter on a stick! In the video they try to explain that it is not so bad as it sounds, because it has a external cover of cinnamon, honey and whatever, and that is what gives taste to this treasure of the modern cuisine, but I doubt.

The second one is an unexpected combination (unless you are Homer Simpson). It is a generous slice of fried bacon, covered with chocolate, on a stick. Yes, you are reading right, bancon, chocolate, and a stick :D ! In YouTube you can find videos of people doing it at home, tasting and so son.

The third, and last one, is one that I’m not able to imagine which taste it can have. Basically, it is a combination of things that compose pepsi, all together in some way to create a cream that is fried, once more in a stick!

Well, and there are people who still thinks that all this story that the world may end in 2012 is all a lie hahaha.