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terça-feira, 1 de novembro de 2011

Music from a dry cleaner

The legend tells and I agree that is possible to make music from anything. Remember that guy who made a song using only noises from a Game Boy case? Now take a look to what this guy did with a dry cleaner:

Te crazy man of the video is called Diego Stocco (as you may have noticed) and he is not only a crazy man, he is one of those crazy men who work and make money with their “crazery”. In this case, he really works with sound score for movies, TV shows, videogames and more.

In his channel in YouTube (link down bellow) you can see he making music from a bonsai, from sand, some making of videos and others things.

So, next time someone complain about you drumming on the table with your fingers, you now can say you are just composing the song that best describes that... ahn.. let’s say.... table.

His channel at YouTube
His page at IMDb