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terça-feira, 29 de novembro de 2011

Street Fighter Short film

The legend tells that the secret to make something special is to get together people who really like that thing that will be done. Look what happened when fans of movies and Street Fighter decided to make a little film.

If you ever watched any of the movies with the “Street Fighter” name on it, you shall agree with the opinion of this dude of the internet, that this video above is much more polished and well done than any of those. If you never watched the movies, unless you are one of those people who have fun watching bad cinema, don’t waste your time.

This video was published around one year ago and until now had more than 3 million views. The number may look big, but in “internet hit terms” it is not so expressive. Just to give one example, that movie of the game Portal that I even posted here, made by Dan Trachtenberg from The Totally Rad Show, in 3 months had more than 7 million views and it already gave Mr Dan a contract to direct a sci-fi movie from Universal. So, if you like the movie and believe that these people deserve a chance, share the video with your friends, yes?

Oh, and if you still have doubts about the commitment of them, check the videos below, there is an interview and some links of making of.

And what about you, when you gonna make your video so I can divulge it here and make you a millionaire?

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Making of the costumes | hair and make up | choreography