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quarta-feira, 2 de novembro de 2011

Last month in everyday1music

Besides writing here my things, I also take care of the website and, with the idea of expanding horizons, promote the website and other diverse megalomaniac intentions, I’m here today to this first edition of what will be a monthly column called “Last month in everyday1music”.

When I choose a song to put on the website I have some criteria. Sometimes is related to something I was thinking about on that days, sometimes it’s because I have decided to put up a song from a country like Romania, sometimes is just an old song that someone with 15 years old may have never heard before, but in general, all the songs that end up in the website are there because they carry that thing that makes a song more than just “a crazy combination of many noises”. So, for this reason, the selection is very wide in styles and rhythms, and I don’t expect that everyday everybody will like every song I put there.

I think I wrote here when I started with that website that the objective was to be different of those music websites always hunting for the most unknown band, from the most savage mysterious land, hid behind the secret enigma that no one ever heard about. Oh, and all that being made as fast as possible. The objective of the website is to promote good songs, songs you already knew but forgot, songs you know and you remember and songs you never heard about.

The links in red are the ones that for some reason, in my plain opinion of another internet dude, deserve your special click this month, even if you already know the band or if you find a little fishy the name of the band or the name of the music. But, if you feel like, of course you are free to click in all the links.

Next month I’m back with more small talk and another list. Until there, have fun and, if you wanna follow our daily journey, now you know the address.

01.oct - ♪ Sonic Youth - Incinerate
02.oct - ♫ Soul Coughing - Rolling
03.oct - ♫ Blood Red Shoes - I Wish I Was Someone Better 
04.oct - ?¿ Klee - 2 Fragen
05.oct - ☾ Metric - On a Slow Night 
06.oct - ♪ Lindsey Buckingham - Trouble
07.oct - ♫ Jimi Hendrix - All Along The Watchtower
08.oct - ♫ Garbage - Push It
09.oct - ♫ Sunday People - Swing With Me 
10.oct - ⌂ Akurat - Wiej-Ska
11.oct - ♬ Franz Ferdinand - Walk Away
12.oct - ♫ The Airborne Toxic Event - Does This Mean You're Moving On
13.oct - +1 Sexion D'Assaut - Plus qu'un son
14.oct - ♫ Oasis - Don't Look Back In Anger
15.oct - ⚡♪ The Prodigy - Omen
16.oct - ♬ Brad Sucks - Dropping Out of School 
17.oct - ♫ latejapride* - Lunes
18.oct - ♬ The Kills - Future Starts Slow
19.oct - ♪ the pillows - Purple Apple 
20.oct - ☼ The Thrills - Don't Steal Our Sun
21.oct - ♫ The Ting Tings - We Walk
22.oct - ♪ Caravan Palace - Je m'amuse
23.oct - ♫ Subsonica - Istrice
24.oct - ♫ Spoon - Don't You Evah
25.oct - ♬ The Car Is On Fire - What Life's All About
26.oct - ♪ Muse - Feeling Good 
27.oct - ♫ little hurricane - Crocodile Tears
28.oct - ♬ Barenaked Ladies - One Week
29.oct - ♪☾ Sivert Høyem - Moon Landing 
30.oct - ♪ Luciano Albo - The Beatles vs The Funk Brothers - She's Leaving Home, What's going on?
31.oct - ♬ Foo Fighters - All My Life