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domingo, 13 de novembro de 2011

Final Episode of Dinosaurs TV series

If you have no idea what depressive dinosaur and snow mashup is this one above, it is the last episode of a TV series which had some success in a couple of countries in the 90’s. Despite this last episode sounding so like the end of the world, after all it indeed talks about the end of the world, the series was some kind of Simpsons, combining comedy and criticism to society, but in a dinosaur world that looked like “the world in the early 90’s”.

I watched this episode for the first time just some days ago, since here in Brazil they avoided to air this episode. Comparing it to the rest of the series and with the vibe the other episodes have I can understand why they did it, in fact, the internet told me that it was not only in Brazil that TV channels avoided to air this episode.

YouTube has the full series and watching some episodes again, well they are not so dramatic as this final one, but the intention of the criticism and the subjects they talked had the same strength. If you think about it, it is easy to understand why the series had only 4 seasons. This video bellow, can show you a little more what I mean:

It is hard to imagine something like this being made today in open TV. Really hard. I don’t like how this need that today we have to make everything socially acceptable, in some sense, makes people more stupid. It puts limit in our ability to think, to express ourselves, it makes really hard to question what is passed to us as an unchangeable truth.

I think people sometimes only understand how they act when they see themselves from outside, when they see their story being told. To offer this vision it is necessary courage to show the truth. Of course that something like an old man complaining about everything, pointing errors and mistakes is as much constructive as get kicked on the balls by a gigantic llama, but, on the other hand, comedy, like this series used to do, or like Simpsons does, or specially like South Park does, is probably the best way to make people laugh and think.

I do have the impression that people in these days don’t have the ability to laugh of their own mistakes and they also don’t understand that is ok not be perfect, learning something from the fact that everyone is ridiculous in some way. In the faceboks, blogs and twitters, and also in the non virtual life, there is a bunch of people that take themselves a little to much serious. Don’t you think?

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