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sexta-feira, 4 de novembro de 2011

Colonizing space, 70's style

The video bellow is from NASA, I could not find the specific year, but, like you already know by the title, I know it is from the 70’s. The film talks about how possible it was to built up colonies in space before the year 2000, using material collected from the Moon and all that with technology already available at that time. Check it out.

NASA is part of a government so it is kind natural if the video sounds a little “propaganda”, showing a future so amazingly amazing and how people should be uber excited to work on their not so exciting jobs to help it all to happen, even more if we consider it was during the Cold War. However, what is there is not only propaganda.

Until today we had not developed a functional way to transport electric energy through microwaves, despite the fact that the video gives the impression that that technology is ready to use. On the other side, the positions where the gravity of the Moon and of the Earth cancel each other do exist, so the colony could really be “parked” somewhere. There are also serious studies about plantations in space, using the never stoping light from the sun and the absence of bugs and weather variations.

Later I will try to find some predictions made in these days about how the world will be 40 years in the future. I bet it will have something about space colonies somehow hehehe.