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quinta-feira, 6 de outubro de 2011

Today should be a day off

If the world wanted to be more correct, today would be a day off all over the world. Yesterday, October 5, 2011, Steve Jobs died.

It is amazingly complex to measure the importance of the ideas he had. Of course a single person can’t make all happen and there is always a team with very talented people working together to assure that the result will be “the result”. However, a single person can be the driving force of a good idea, of new ideas, of a revolution. A single person can be the voice which will lead and take, approve and chose, and them create for a fact the paths and directions which will be entirely new.

I believe that today, to anyone, especially to those who really enjoy and use computers, it is probably impossible to imagine how life would be if there was no that personal computer, idealized by Mr. Jobs and build up by his friend Steve Wozniak in a garage, long time ago.

Imagine all the things you have lived, seen and learned because of the personal computers. Consider the internet, think about the people you met, the connections you made, and the important message about who not so alone we are and about how much more special we are than we may think.

The personal computer is also were people can write, can draw, make calculations, movies, simulations, editions, organize things, record things. It is a tool by which people can express themselves in unique ways being able to reach distances and results that otherwise would be impossible.

There is also an impact over the industry as a whole, since the design and directions taken by Apple, which were directly connected to what Steve Jobs believed, was the direction that the entire industry would later take. In some sense it should be irritating to work in Apple seeing your products and software being copy all the time. Who knows the history of the company knows that all this “you copy me I copy you” is connected to its roots, Mr. Jobs himself would say that if an idea is copied it only means that the idea was really good, but what makes the difference is not the idea itself, but how this idea will be tuned into reality. Maybe that’s why, even with all the copies, their products were the chosen ones. The great difference of Apple products is connected to what he believed, the courage to be bold, the combination of technology and art, the choice to build up something that would look impossible when first seen.

I was truly sad not only by the loss of someone who created important things, but also because in some sense it felt like losing a friend. Maybe it was because of his personality, the personal and passionate way he would deal with things, his famous keynotes during all these years, his quotes, interviews, the history of his life, all that made us feel much more close and friends to him than we truly were. The image he had was not of a high executive, talking about the plans of his billionaire company. He was Steve, Steve Jobs, with jeans and a black shirt, showing us, much more exited than us, how the future would be.

Today we live in a global society and any technological evolution has influence in our lives in a much faster way than ever before in any time of our history, but, the same way it was when Napoleon died, or any historical figure, people at that time could not see the seed that person was and all that could later grow and how it would change the world completely. I know the revolution of the computers was not made by a single person, but without this person, maybe it would only occur many years later, or maybe it would never occur. Without him today the computers would not have a graphical interface, the cellphones would not be touch sensible screens filled with apps, maybe the tablet market would never exist and the digital distribution of music and movies would still be much more piracy than industry.

Everybody knew he was sick and that he had to step a side from the company for a while again some months ago, because of this. But even if it leaded to this end I’m sure I was not the only one who believed he would be back soon. Well, the things is that life is funny and each thing has it’s proper time.

If we wanted to trace a line of his life and all the things he conquered, and all the things that were important to him, in some sense he did everything he had to do and wanted to do and than he died. This year Apple became the most valuable company of the world, breaking records and all. Pixar, which he was one of the owners, has the respect it has and it changed the way the world sees animation. Who knows the history of his life knows how complicated it was until he could finally build up a family of his own. And, in the end, he who was once called crazy, fired from his own company, returned, changed to achieved such a big success that the industry would give him the respectable title of visionary and also a kind of respect that would almost turn him into a legend.

If it was really a story, the moral could be that in a way we can never imagine, one idea in someones garage, that crazy project that no one believes in, can one day grow and change the world forever and the history end when it has to end.

Big hug to you, Mr. Jobs. Stay in peace, thanks for all and bye.