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quinta-feira, 27 de outubro de 2011

Paranormal Activity 3

For you who never watched a Paranormal Activity movie, it is about strange things happening in some house and then people, in their curious and utterly investigative instincts, decide to record everything in video to understand what is going on. The film puts together all the footage in some kind of documentary, as if everything was true. These are psychologic horror movies, different from something like Saw and that thing of the psychopath dude in his tinny bicycle and bloody stuff.

I do like a lot the other two movies, not only because I’m stupid and I like to get scared, but because I like simple ideas working very well. Wake up in the middle of the night, hear strange noises somewhere in the house, watch the chandelier moving when you are sure that there is no wind, these are all things that everyone have experienced at least once and will certainly experience again. The movie plays with these situations and you can be sure that next time they happen, you will remember it.

In fact, this is one of the most interesting aspects of the series. At the theater you gonna have fun, gonna be scared here and there an so on, but the movie kind gives you a small package to go, containing fears and not logical worries which will be with you for a while. The legends of the internet tell stories about people that were never again able to sleep in complete dark or people that only started using the sleep timer of the TV, after watching these movies.

None of these movies are 100% explicit in its “paranormal activities”, this 3rd one is probably the boldest one, there is a scene in the kitchen that really breaks it all, but the impact that these movies may cause, specially if you are a fearful person, is quite strong. I would even say that if you are really fearful and have a great imagination, watch any movie of the series could be a bad idea.

Despite the fact it is the 3rd movie, unlike the 2nd, you won’t miss something for not having watched the previous events. But, assuming you are a person who likes horror movies/has a TV with sleep timer/a lamp with strong light, you should watch the other 2 movies. You won’t regret.

If you like horror movies, or good movies in general, or if you are just excited because of Halloween, here is my recommendation that you should watch the movie. On the other side, if you a person with lots of fears in your lonely heart, you better buy a DVD of Sponge bob, or The Fairly OddParents, who knows maybe Friends or Simpsons, so next time you feel you are afraid at night and you hear strange noises and things, just pop in one of those DVDs and everything will be fine, because you know, I think even evil spirits may laugh with those.