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terça-feira, 11 de outubro de 2011

The man with 152 years

That is That Guy
Today, Japan is the country with the longest life expectancy of the world, something around 83 years old. It’s said that caveman used to live 18 years and not so long ago the world wide life expectancy, that today is of 67 years, was of 40 years. However, since the world is a strange place where anything you can imagine had already happen or will eventually happen, there is historical register of a man in England who died at the impressive age of 152 years (!).

He was Thomas Parr, also known as Old Tom Parr, or if you prefer, since he is already dead and won’t mind, “That Guy”.

It is said that That Guy where born in 1483, in a small town in England, close to the border with Wales. There is no precise information about what he did during his live, but they do know that at the year of 1500 he joined the army, later was a farmer and at the age of 80 he got married for the first time. History tells that he had two children who died still young and when he was 100 another child appeared, but this one was born from a different mother, since That Guy not so loyal to his wife.

It is said that he felt really sorry and performed penance for his acts. This other child also died young. Still speaking about his adventures with women, he got married again at the age of 122, since his first wife had died.

Because of his age and the active live he used to live, he started to be known, becoming some kind of celebrity and eventually his fame reached the ears of the King, Charles I. That Guy was then taken to London, since Charles I was very interested in find what was the secret to live for so long.

And that’s when the story is finished.

Just a few months in London and he ended up dying from natural unknown causes. It is believed that the changing of his food habits, the environment and his routines where the responsible for his, despite the age, unexpected dead.

King Chales I arranged for him to be buried in Westminster Abbey, the church known as the place where kings of the old England (today United Kingdom) receive coronation and are buried when dead. It is possible to visit his grave, the picture bellow shows what is written in his gravestone:

Today there are a lot of discussion about the real age he could have, since all that is known has no profoundly documented evidence. What is a fact is that at the year of 1500 someone with his name joined the army, but is believed that it was a relative with the same name, probably his grandfather.

On the field of non speculative reality, the verified oldest person that we know died at 122 years, was a French woman named Jeanne Calment. The links bellow have a list with all the people who lived over 115 years and many more about it.

What about you? Do you know when you gonna die? : D

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