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segunda-feira, 31 de outubro de 2011

Japanese flying sphere robot

A friend of mine sent me this video of the presentation to the public of the new technologic robot by the Ministry of Defense of Japan, take a look.

Reading over the web I found a video from a Japanese TV channel showing the same robot. This other video interesting because it shows the in a street of a city, then getting inside a house, following the reporter. Who knows a bit about the Japanese people knows that they love robots and it is interesting to notice that while the occidental people where more exited to used this as a new camera device to cover sports events and things like that, they were exited to use this to those personal robots, which take care of the house, read our e-mail, schedule, these kind of things and are also a companion toy to the children.

Despite the fact it is presentation of the Ministry of Defense, which means military people, I didn’t find much comments about the usage of this little ball as a weapon. I mean, many people said it was just like that one from Star Wars that Luke uses for training with a helmet that covers his eyes, you know? It is similar, yes hehehe but it is not so hard do imagine a machinegun or something attached to this ball, and maybe there are other models, with different sizes than the 42 centimeters (~16 inches) of these one and with higher speed than the 60 kilometers per hour (~37 miles per hour) of it.

Being optimistic about the future, I think this sphere do have many interesting applications, specially that about the personal robot, able to move inside a house easily, helping people, or in something like a hospital, responding to voice commands and moving by itself over the corridors. It seems to be much more viable than the research to make robots able to walk like humans, with two legs, which is much more complex and is being developed and studies for very long time. It is public that many military inventions ended up being very important and useful when released to be used to common people, as a an example the internet or the GPS, so we do have here some very interesting possibilities.

On the other hand, being pessimist about the future, it was said that the cost to produce one of those balls is around 1400 dollars. Who follows the world of scientific development knows that Japan presenting this technology doesn’t mean they are ahead of others, it only makes public the fact that this kind of technology is possible and therefore we can say that other contries may have similar projects with similar results.

The point is that this kind of technology changes a lot the idea that we have today about war, about invasion and about how fast someone stupid can act and succeed in doing some imbecile objective. Imagine a mass production of these things. Accordingly to Dr. Google, to built up a military jet, the cost is at least around 20 million dollars, imagine this investment to produce these robot balls in a “ready to war” version?

Who knows something about World War II probably remem bered the blitzkrieg, that German attack strategy of striking with great number and very fast, in a way that the one under attack would have no time to notice what was happening and react. With these kind of technologies, stupid people could take this to another level.

But to finish it in a more laughable way, since it all just became to serious, what I really wanted is that the Japanese had shown that gigantic robots we see in Japanese cartoons, with human pilots, having fantastic battles filled with flashbacks about theirs past, or maybe some kind of transformer, or something even better, like ahn... a robot godzilla who could dance the Benny Hill theme, like the one in the video bellow. It would be amazing hahahaha