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segunda-feira, 24 de outubro de 2011

Bank of imagination

A shoe brand called Camper has as their motto “imagination walks” and with the intention of use some marketing campaign which doesn’t look like a marketing campaign, the participation of the people, their motto and the internet, the Bank of Imagination was created.

The website was launched in 2008 and like the name says, it is a bank of imaginations. It works like this, you go to the website, choose your language and then you will se some colored squares falling down over the screen. Click in one of then and you can see how someone of the world completed the sentence “Imagine if...”.

If you click a little you will se that even if you chose english as your language there are messages in many other languages, which is interesting. If you feel like leaving a message of your own there is a button on the menu bellow.

In this same menu you can search for sentences based on keywords, you can filter by the type of sentence using the color of the squares and you even can turn of the sound, if you believe that a website with sound is something abominable, like me. Other interesting thing is that if you click in one of the squares and like the sentence you can send it to your friends, add as favorite or read more sentences of the same author.

And now, imagine if.... you click here and check the website?