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terça-feira, 20 de setembro de 2011

Will it blend? That is the question

The pretty name is “viral marketing”, but what matters is that is kind interesting to see a company being not so serious and doing a bunch of stupid, absurd and funny things as a form of advertisement. A company that became very famous for doing this type of videos is the BlendTec.

Who hosts their videos is no one but their own CEO, Mr. Tom Dickson, and the idea is very simple. They said that their blender is the strongest blender in the world and to prove it they blend anything you can imagine, anything at all, like cellphones, golf balls, lamps, match boxes, Big Macs, Justin Biber’s DVDs, pool noodles, laser point pens and even iPads and iPhones.

Their videos have become such a hit that some companies have used them to promote their products by allowing them to be blended by Mr. Tom, like Nike, Microsoft, Google and even Ford, just to name a few.

I picked 3 videos to give you one idea of their sense of humor and craziness. As always, if you wanna know more, the links are at the end of the post. Have fun and don’t breath this.

Video 1: Wiimotes

Video 2: Coca-Cola Smoothie

Video 3: Chuck Norris

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