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segunda-feira, 18 de julho de 2011

2 videos from Japan

One of the most recurrent theme of the things I post here is that bla bla bla about how great is the internet and all the things it provides, showing us the contrasts and mysteries of the world. Yeah, I know the name of the website actually makes reference about it, so one could say it in fact makes sense, but let’s stop with the useless conversation and go to the reason why I’m here. These 2 videos come from Japan (as you already know by the title, but nevermind).

The first one has the objective to teach children how to use toilet. Enjoy.

Now, before I start talking things and you decide do leave, let’s jump to the second video. This one is about the accident at Fukushima’s nuclear power plant, caused by the earthquake in last march 11th. The idea is to explain the situation to kids (and adults too, who knows) about what happened there, what they are doing, and so on.

To us, occidental snooty creatures, it’s hard to watch these videos and not find at least one thing very funny. The legend says that “the magic of funnyness” is in the association of absurd or unexpected things, which means to us it’s quite of an absurd to make a video to teach your kid how to shit using a tiger family singing. The same way, to us, it’s an absurd to represent a nuclear leakage as a stomach problem.

To me, the most interesting fact is that I’m not so sure if to the Japanese people this is not as absurd and funny as it is to us. Exactly because it is weird, it works really well in capture you attention and giving you the message. So, maybe they know it and they do it on purpose.

Well, one day, when I go to Japan, I will find out.