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sexta-feira, 17 de junho de 2011

E3 2011 - Sony Conference

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I hope the white elephant Sony had to deal right at the beginning of their presentation was the last one the game industry will see. If you have no idea why they were apologizing, to put it short, a group of hackers attacked Sony’s online network, the system was down for more than a month and if it was not enough, they also stole passwords and credit card information from the users. Sony then informed users about what had happened, then worked with credit card companies to guarantee that no further damage could happen, and, in the end, every user won some free games to compensate all the madness. Yey! /o/

Of course is very doubtful to say it is ok to simply show up with the speech “oh bla bla bla we are sorry bla bla bla”, since there are numerous ways to prevent this kind of problem, specially when all over the internet we have rumors saying that it all happened because of their lack of care and attention.

What ever is the case, it is gone, it’s solved. I just think is important to talk about it because in the future world of games, online networks will have a much bigger role. Can you imagine how it all would be in a world were all the games are digital and are saved in a virtual space? Or what if it was a system using cloud processing? It would be much, much worse. I hope it remain as a example to the minds of the Lords of the Game Industry, which time to time are to much focused in bigger and better ways to make money at any expense.

The only demo which remained in my mind was Uncharted 3. I know it was not so frenetic as the one they used to present Uncharted 2, some time ago, or so cinematographic as Modern Warfare 3, but the demo succeeded in giving a good impression about the dimension of the game, how things can happen, not only as a action game, but also a cinematographic, new and unique game experience.

About the Move, just like Microsoft, Sony seemed to be worried in showing their movement controller as a tool to the “hardcore audience” and, also just like Microsoft, without all that care and attention which would be very appreciated to make what is on the screen confirm what is being promised. Sony even had a terrible game done with their movement controller in mind called Medieval. F*ck, what was that? Last year they had better ideas do present Move.

Sony was also worried in push the 3D game experience, and this time in a more convincing, interesting and strategic way. This idea of put on the market a TV with the Playstation brand, designed to have a good price point with high quality, to really make 3D TVs a more popular item, is very interesting. I believe there is a great potential to make this TV the first 3D TV of many people.

Who follows the website knows I already wrote here a few times my opinion about 3D TVs, but I will say it all again. Despite what is said in the advertisements, I don’t think this is the moment for 3D entertainment, basically because this 3D technology needs glasses, which is very uncomfortable (especially if you already needs glasses and then you have to wear 2), not to mention the loss of color definition. It has a reason why the 3D digital fever in movies seems to be gone, now focusing only in specific movies.

Inside of this context, focus on the gamer audience is a wise strategy. Today, most of the gamers is adult, work and have money to buy what ever they want (ok, not all of what they want hehehe). Adding to that, we have many examples proving that a 3D experience is much more satisfactory when is based on something 100% digital, like movie animation and games. So, there is a public to consume a product which they know they can offer with good enough quality to justify a investment. It will be very interesting to see at how it will unfold.

And what about the PS Vita? What terrible name, really. It sounds like a name of a generic cellphone in which you can put 4 SIM cards, you see? I don’t think this name translates the “personality” of the device and I don’t think it says something about what it is. But it’s ok, the Dreamcast had a nice name and everybody knows what happened with it. And, to you who have no idea what is Dreamcast, just the fact that you don’t know it, proves my point hehehe, I bet Atari you already heard about hehehe.

I think the characteristic that first come in mind is how powerful is its hardware, after all it has nearly the capacities of a PS3. And we should not forget he touch screen, the 2 cameras and all the rest. I believe there is a great potential to this console, specially if they take care not to fall into the same mistakes they did with PSP at its launch, specially the long loading times and the short battery usage time.

I have second thoughts in 2 points, one is stupid and the other one is not. The stupid one is about that menu with round icons, it is not pretty and it only reenforces the idea of generic cellphone to put 4 SIM cards, which is a shame since PSP and PS3 menus have a very elegant and functional design. The other point is that Sony may have lost an opportunity not jumping completely into the inter compatibility between PS Vita and PS3. If the new portable was indeed a PS3 portable, supporting all the PS3 games, it could be very interesting. Whatever is the case, the hardware is here, the price is very good. Let’s wait for the games.