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sexta-feira, 17 de junho de 2011

E3 2011 - Nintendo Conference

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Zelda is always interesting to me and who follows the website knows that time to time I talk about something of the games, or I end up making some reference about something, or whatever. So, I don’t need to say how anxious I’m for this next game, but I do need to say I could not ignore the fact that this Zelda Skyward Sword was the only announcement to Wii commented on the presentation and it will probably be the the only game produced by Nintendo to Wii in this entire 2011.

It is true that Nintendo usually reveal their projects only when they are better developed, but to a E3 presentation they always open a little more abut their future plans. When I see they quiet about plans of new games to Wii, it really makes me think that their next platform could be launched not at the end of the next year, like many people are saying, but at the beginning of the next year, I guess some time around March. But I will talk more about the next console later, I want to follow the presentation order 'cause then it is easier to me to think since I'm stupid and etc.

Most of the games presented to Nintendo 3DS were already known or announced, but it doesn’t mean their presentation was less interesting. I think the game I was more interested was Super Mario 3DS. Mario is always Mario and the Mario of a new console almost all the time serves as a demo of what the console can do, or it end up being the demo of a new concept. We can see it seems it will be a interesting mix between the 2D mechanics of the old games and also of the New Super Mario, with elements of 3D platform, all that playing with the concept of 3D deepness. I saw some people on the internet all pissed off complaining it looked like Crash Bandicoot and hence it was the end of the world, obviously, well, well, how not?

Ironic jokes aside, use the 2,5D dynamic who became famous with Crash Bandicoot in Playstation 1, really tells nothing about the quality, creativity, the universe and everything. Personally, I think this will be a very good game.

About Kid Icarus, what f*ck of voice was that they put to him? Really, how come nobody thought that was weird or annoying? And I see the videos and demos and I still don’t feel very confident about this game, specially because we know it is in development since GameCube and it changed from console to console, being remade and redesigned so many times until it finally show up now, and even after all this it still has something strange about it. This idea of “death match like” multiplayer sounds a little out of place to the concept of the game. As an add on it is always interesting, but I would be much happier if they had show us the first stage or the first 5 minutes of the game, instead of that crazy videos which give no impression of what it will be about.

Ok, now it is time to talk about what probably was the big star of E3 this year. About the name, I kind liked the name Wii U and is funny to notice how the new name follows what Nintendo is doing for their last platforms names, like the DS who became DSi and than 3DS. Basically the idea is something like “add or change just a little something in the name, but keep the correlation possible and be happy”.

I found it very weird how so many people found the presentation confuse, believing the new console was only a new controller. F*ck, I think it is in times like these that those old critics, who like to complain that this new generation of blog writers are all arrogant and not prepared, feel very happy. The presentation was clear in saying that the controller was part of the new experience, but it was also a new console, and to put an end to any more doubts they had complete information at Nintendo’s website, including images and video of the new console and controller. But it is ok, nevermind, people sometimes don't pay attention.

If you are not convinced yet about the possibilities of the new console, hold your monitor, one hand at the right side, one hand at the left side. Imagine now that beneath your thumbs you have a analog stick and buttons. Imagine now you can move this screen and it has all that movement sensors and thouch screen. Try to imagine the experience of playing and all the possibilities it may offer. The presentation video showing the interaction possibilities, can show it a little better.

I liked the idea and I’m already imagining numerous possibilities, like a first person shooter where you literally turn to shoot, or all the possibilities it may bring using the gyroscope to truly walk and look through 3D spaces and all that. Oh and is important to remember that this new console also supports all the controllers and accessories used in Wii, so if some game designer chose to make a game using the old controllers with the HD power of the new console, it is also a possibility.

I believe we have here a big potential to a console to reaching casual and hardcore audiences at the same time, with the same strength in both markets. I also believe I was not the only one who noticed, after all it is the launch of a Nintendo console with the biggest third party support in many years. It is also interesting to see that this support is not the usual “bla bla bla yes, we think we can make money with this bla bla bla”, it was names and game announcements.

To finish it up, I just wanna say I was very excited with the new experiences the Wii U may bring, I do believe it will be launched around March of 2012 and I think it will be something around 400 dollars, including a screen controller, a Wiimote, a nunchuck and a game. I don’t think this controller is an Nintendo’s attempt to get into the tablet market to compete with iPad and this kind of devices, the new platform offers the possibility to receive something like Angry Birds, or other iPad and iPhone games, but in my opinion, as you can see by their presentation and all the material in their website, their focus is completely different and Miyamoto is saying for some years how would be interesting to have a console that didn't needed the TV.

Well what ever is the case, now, all we can do is to wait for more information and all the games that will come.