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sexta-feira, 17 de junho de 2011

E3 2011 - Microsoft Conference

Last week we had another edition of the E3. And since it could not be any different (understand it as you wish) here I’m to talk about it. Let’s start with Microsoft Conference. You can watch the press conference bellow and through the links.

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I think that crazy guys who like to say that movies and games will be the same in the future feel very happy when they see this Modern Warfare 3 demo and all the cinematic atmosphere being created and executed better than many movies. Even if you don’t like first person shooters it is hard not to get excited.

I also had a good impression of the new Tomb Raider. I like the direction they wanna go and, to me, Tomb Raider is one of those games, like Resident Evil, which can give a completely new take to the experience depending of graphic and game direction the producers decide to use, without losing identity.

I think the reason why Microsoft chose these 2 demos to open their conference. After this two demos, there was anything able to keep the same level. Yeah, don’t get me wrong, but from this point forward everything seemed raw, not polished and really trying very very hard to put kinect somehow in every thing, while saying it was much more than it actually was. Oh, and all that without mention that “families” pretending they were playing and talking. Holy s*it, how I hate that families!

When they talked about the use of voice in Mass Effect 3 dialogues I was expecting to be surprised with some kind of artificial intelligence able to recognize words and create conversations. I really wasn't expecting to see voice being used to replace a button in a menu system designed to be operated with a button. I mean, don’t you think most of the people will really be talking like that not feeling ashamed? Or since people are lazy, everyone will simply use the button? I understand they don’t want to design a game to be played only with kinect, I understand the idea is just put something to give that “extra add-on” just to say something is being done and if you have kinect here is a little something for you. I think is to bad that what they are doing is something you probably will never use and, despite the speech about this being a hardcore initiative to kinect, it is very far from that. It is just a gimick.

But this thing with Mass Effect is not so serious, even if it is a example of how they were trying so hard to put kinect somehow in everything, specially to say “yes! kinect is here for the hardcore gamers!”. Serious were the that games "specially designed for kinect" and, in theory, focused on the so called “hardcore gamers audience”.

Am I the only one who got the impression that the demos of Fable - The Journey and that "Star Wars -  With no Name and no Plot" looked much more like a concept, or a controller test, than a actual game? The impression we may have is that these demos were there just for the sake of being there, they had no specific information, they were not there to prove something, say something, or even point a date in the future when this would happen, and above all that, they seemed to know this and didn’t care. Is it to much pretension of me to say it is not so hard this games never came to be or if they someday came, they end up being something completely different?

And still going with this vibe of “look how kinect is so wonderful and fulfill promises”, somebody besides me found it weird that the so expected technology to put an object of our every day inside a game was a little iffy? I mean the demo was digitalizing a pillow, yes, a pillow and not an object with something simple like, let’s say... ahn... 3 dimensions for real, hum? Once again the presentation gives the taste of “we are doing a big deal for nothing, promising things we will not do or that we are not doing for real”.

I don’t like this attitude and I think it is very unnecessary. Make good games, show these good games, do not promise what you can’t do and perform well what you proposes to do, waiting for the right time to do show it. It is quite simple.

I think dancing games are the ones were kinect reaches it’s best as a new interface and Dance Central 2 on stage, despite the shame you could fell by seeing that 2 dancing, if you like these kind of games, you should be happy.

About Halo 4, nothing was said, no promise, nothing shown. We just know it will be the first chapter of a new trilogy. So, there is nothing to comment, except that it was no surprise. And the original Halo remake, the same, no talk, no promise, maybe they think "it has the name Halo in it, it will seel billions! We don't need to talk!".

I think this was not one of that conferences where when it is over we feel like we want to play these and that games, or know more about this and that, but we do have some news, we do have some new information, and if everything was not good enough as role is was not a complete waste of time.