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quinta-feira, 5 de maio de 2011

Metal Witchcraft?

Do you know what happens when an electric current flows through a metal part, which is shaped like a spiral, larger in the bottom and smaller on the top, like a pyramid, and then you put some liquid metal close to it? This:

In case you are wondering, the patterns formed are not some kind of witchcraft, I gave this title to the post just to have fun, ‘cause i’m stupid, and to be polemic, so it would get your attention (ha!).

What happens is that the liquid metal follows the electromagnetic field lines, created when the current flows through the part, and since the geometry of the part is the way it is, the lines created are like that. Simple like this.

But if all that I just said makes no sense at all to you, no problem, I bet that the video is still interesting anyway... Or not?