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quarta-feira, 11 de maio de 2011

Mary and Max

A friendship usually comes up when two people have things in common, in their way of behave, or in their way to see the and feel the world, or whatever. In these times of internet, airplane tickets at accessible prices, the world more and more connected with social media, movies, games and even pop singers with weird fringes, a friendship between two people living each at one side of the globe is everyday more possible and common. But what if it was in the 70’s? What if it was between two people that don’t seem to have anything in common? What if bla of bla of bla bla bla?

Mary and Max is a movie about a friendship, one of those when people live each in one side of the globe and they end up having much more in common than someone could think was possible. Oh, and as you may have guessed by now, something happens in the 70‘s.

Not telling much, because I really don’t like when someone trying to find out if a movie is good learns too much about it, the Mary from the title, with 8 years old, gets by chance the address of the Max from the title, who had 44 years old at that time. She needed an address of someone from USA because she wanted to write to ask something: if in USA, just like in Australia, babies were found in beer glasses, like her grandfather had taught her.

From the first letter, they star talking and finding out all the things they have in common, like their taste for candy, or some cartoon, but specially about how people around them and the world itself, sometimes, seems very confusing.

This short introduction may give you the image of one of those big weeping dramas, even more if I tell you that Max is one of those lonely methodic with no social life guys and also that Mary’s mother is a weird crazy woman with alcohol problems.

But that’s not the case at all.

The movie tells the story in a very subtle and comic way. It is a comedy, not a drama. Of course the movie talks about serious and dramatic things, especially as the years goes by and Mary grows up, but don’t worry, this is not a movie to watch holding a box of paper tissues.

This is one of those smart movies, with details all around giving deepness to the story and to their world, if you pay attention and succeed in finding them. Just to give you some example, if a character is reading a book, if you pay attention to which book it is, you will see how it adds and makes sense to the story and to the scene, even if no reference is made to it. There are other examples, more visual ones, which don’t need you to know what the book “I’m ok, you are ok” is about, like the pegs instead of buttons in her mother’s coat in the picture above. If you already watched the movie you know what they mean, if you did not, when you watch you will remember them.

A very characteristic detail of the movie is its art direction, specially the photography. The photography of each place, the colors used, have an important role to create the mood of the place, but also, in a certain way, these colors also represent how the characters perceive their world. Knowing the personality of Max, makes sense his world be a noir world, as an example.

Usually I don’t like to talk about names of actors and directors when I talk about movies here, but in this case, after all I talked about the details this movie has and since the man behind this movie is not so famous, I should say this movie is written and directed by Adam Elliot. Remember this name. In fact, the story in which the story of the movie is based on (yes, it is based in something real), happened with Mr. Elliot, however I could not find bigger details.

Not giving names this time, the voice acting in this movie is very good, is one of those where you don’t recognize the actors until the credits. The voice for Max was the one who impressed me the most.

So, after so much talking, we can say Mary and Max is a movie about a friendship that is different, but deep inside not so different of any other friendship that is true and had meaning, dealing with the time and all the things that happen through the course of life with honesty and sense of humor, even if sometimes what happens in the lives of Mary and Max is not so usual. This is not the kind of movie which will be selected to the “favorite movies” of everyone, but I think is hard to imagine someone watching it and not, at least, liking it.

Click here if you wanna watch the trailer in YouTube