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sábado, 14 de maio de 2011

DADdy & SONny #19 - HOnesTLy

I think the amount of failures we have in life is, at least, the same than the amount of times things go well. Doing a deep study with incredible mathematical basement and even some excel spreadsheets, we may see it is actually probable that the amount of failures are much bigger than the amount of success. But that’s not the problem, since things are in such a way that when something finally works out, it worth and rewards all the times it went wrong.

The shit is the halfway through, when we are only seeing failures and we are not sure if in the end things will really work.

When things go wrong, instinctively we try to find “someone/something to blame”, the famous “WHO DID IT!!!!????” and almost all the times it’s easier to point to the others, or to “the things”, than to ourselves. Point to ourselves means we did it wrong, we need to change, and nobody likes to be wrong or to find out that the last, I don’t know how many years of life, were a mistake or something like that.

More over, life has no “clean history” buttom, or “undo” and time does not come back. So, we have to take care about the shit we do, or the things we don’t do and, before it gets too late, be ashamed to be so stupid and start doing things right instead of putting the blame on “being tired, the TV and the people around us”. It is your fault, dude, go build up your empire and stop telling little stories hahahaha

The future is today, not tomorrow, grasshopper.

just like you, this is not a grasshopper, see?