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domingo, 10 de abril de 2011

Why the old games... #10

I think this is one of those which will make more sense to someone who follows the videogame world, reading what’s new, reviews and all that things. But I think most of the people who likes something end up following it, even if they don’t have time to see everything.

It happens also with movies, TV shows and these kind of things. I think at the times of yore of the entertainment, there were less movies or games being produced, so the competition was smaller, then it wasn’t necessary to show much because the consumer had less options to chose. Today if a game or film don’t make it very clear why it is there and why it is special, people may chose another movie or game with a better trailer, or with that actor, or produced by that company or simply because, let’s say, the cover had a nice pictures with things exploding.

A good entertainment is one who offers what you wanted, but you didn’t knew you wanted, and it was there inside of you all the time, you just didn’t think about it. In a certain way, it is a mix between surprise and make real what a person wants to see, since there things we already thought and we know we would like to see or play.

So, when part of this surprise is lost, part of the fun is also lost.

I believe the biggest problem is that today, despite the fact people have much more options of entertainment, many of these options are a wonderful piece of shit and then, people have no time or money to use with something which they are not, at least, somewhat sure it will be worthwhile. I think if the quality was in first place, people would have more fun and would accept to risk more their money for moments of fun and then, just then, maybe that sensation of something never heard before could come back. Or no?