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quinta-feira, 7 de abril de 2011

Weird water experiment

Usually when you throw water in a hot pot it evaporates, right? So check the video bellow.

What happens is that if the pot is hot enough the molecules of water touching the pot are turned into steam with great energy, so they scape faster than it would be necessary to pass part of this energy to rest of the molecules.

The steam going out like these creates something like a “air cushion” and then the water left seems to be floating, like one of those Air Hockey tables, like this one on the picture.

I placed mustaches to everyone (including the name of the place) ‘cause I got the image in Google and I don’t want anyone claiming their image rights later, ok?

I bet that 500 years ago this could send someone to be burn at the stake.
- Witch! The water she threw into the hot pot did not evaporate! Burn her!!!