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quarta-feira, 13 de abril de 2011

[●REC] 2

Is been a while since I wrote here about [REC], but if you don’t remember, this is one more movie about zombies and also one more movie where the camera is placed as the view of a character, like Blair Witch or Cloverfield. However, despite it is “one more” movie of this genres, neither this one or the first [REC], are just “one more movie”.

First of all we must remember this is a Spanish movie, it is not Hollywood, which mean we have here some more space to try different things, something that is a little outside of a “safe, well known and secure formula”. Just as a curiosity, the first movie received a Hollywood made remake, but, in my unpretentious opinion, does not match the original.

Oh, and look, there is a “2” in the title and on contrary of what we usually see, where the “2” is there just to jump over the name and promotion the “1” had, in here this is no the case, in here the sequence actually makes sense. First, because the movie starts just after the end of the first movie. Second, because it succeeds in being everything the first one was, but bigger, better, at the same time where being bigger and better makes sense inside the story. It is not something like “on the first one we destroyed a city, in this one now we must destroy a country!”.

This time the story is told by more than one point of view, in other words, more than one camera. It allows to create different stories which give a more complete and immersive point of view of what is happening. It’s also interesting because the stories are happening side by side and the movie plays with how these stories connect through the movie. The only thing I want to comment is when they talk about the difference between things when lights are turned on and when they are turned off. I think is quite possible the some people will be really afraid of the dark for a while hehehe.

And if you didn’t see the first movie, don’t worry. As you could expect, special attention is given to make sure no one will be lost on what’s going on. However, if you watched the first one, in a way, you will be able to “appreciate more” this sequel.

If you like a good zombie videogame, or one of those mystery stories where people need to survive against situations in which they don’t seen to have any chance, you will most likely enjoy this movie (and also the first one). This is a well done and original film, but this is a terror film, so if you don’t like to be scared and watching things that would give nightmares, than maybe this is not a movie for you.