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segunda-feira, 28 de março de 2011

What is a browser? Just 8% knew

I bumped with this 2009 video from Google Chrome development team. Their idea was to ask people on the street if they knew what a “browser” was. Check it out.

8%? It is like less than 1 person at every 10. I could write a lot of things with a technologic point of view, the evolution of the internet, the programs of the “pos PC” devices and bla bla bla. But I just wanna talk about how weird I found all this story.

It’s weird like something that is so familiar and logic to you can be so alien to other people that in theory are just like you. More than that, these people use it like everyday, they spend hours and hours and they are not really interested in understand what they are doing. Not to mention that this is something they like, so if they like they should be more interested in understand it more, right?

Well, the funny thing is that there is nothing saying this video is more publicity to Google Chrome than actually true facts and then, here I’m saying a bunch of non sense things hahaha. But it’s interesting anyway.