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sábado, 26 de março de 2011

The Invention of Lying

Imagine a world that is almost the same as ours but in this one human beings don’t have the capacity to say what is not true. No lies, no social acceptable answers, no boss adulators and movies are only a dude on a chair reading what happened in a moment in history, since any attempt to perform something would not be what happened and create of a history is the same to create a lie.

Things start to change when in a day (just like the title of the movie suggests, ok?) someone starts to lie. Until then nobody ever had the capacity to lie so people don’t know what is a lie, they can’t even understand the concept of someone saying something that is not real. Just to give you an example, there is one scene, just when he learns he can lie, he goes to the bank to get money asking for more money than he actually has, when the lady from bank sees on the system he has less money than the amount he wanted, she says she is sorry for the inconvenience, that the system may have some problem and then gives him the amount of money he asked. Just like that. In the trailer, at the end of this post, you can see this scene.

By now I think you can see that this movie has a very good premise and the possibilities are many to where this story could go. Personally, I think the movie doesn’t play all that much with all these possibilities and end up more as something close to a romantic comedy (yes, there is always a girl) with some humorous critics to the things of our society.

This film had some controversy because of the way some subjects, which to many people are considered true, are treated as being a lie. I don’t wanna spoil much, so I will just say it’s important to understand the movie talks about another world, another reality, and despite the fact it may have some connection to our world it is, at most, a vision of our things by a different point of view. Just that. It is a comedy, the objective is not to judge, accuse or diminish someone’s believes. Inside of the movie context, the main character deals the way he can with the things that are happening to him and if this somehow offend people from our world, it is much more a matter of getting the right message than a intention to do so. Watch it, have fun, think, but don’t take it literally or to serious (just like everything in life).

This is a comedy and will easily grasp attention of anyone who is old enough to understand what is a lie. If you, like me, are grumpy sometimes, maybe you will be thinking how nice it would be if someone get this idea to make a different movie someday, however, if you are not, you gonna have fun even if this is not the funniest movie of your life, but it will be special simply because the main idea is different from what we are used to see.