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terça-feira, 22 de março de 2011

Earth Hour 2011

The Earth Hour is a global event where people all over the world turn off lights and not essential electronic devices for 60 minutes to show to the world how worried they are about the climate change. Many cities from more than 100 countries have already participated and they expect this year edition to be the biggest of all. It will happen next Saturday, 26th march, from 8:30 pm to 9:30 pm. Bellow you can find their promotional video.

Well, I don’t wanna be that guy complaining about everything, in fact this is not the first time I talk about this event, I do think it is important and all that, but I’m starting to wonder how effective this kind of action really is. Of course, if you look to how much of electric energy is normally uses at the time of the event and compare to how much it is used during the event you can measure “how much people care” about climate change. You could also say that a great amount of energy is saved during this hour since companies are also being a part of it, like a few TV channels their transmission, or like McDonalds turning off all their golden M signs. My doubt is that if the message is really getting to who it needs to get and if all this movement is really bringing some effective result.

I think the greatest strength of a action like this is related to the possibility to bring good information to people about this issues. It would be very interesting to use this opportunity, all this attention towards climate change, to promote other actions which can really mean a statement to governments and authorities showing how much people care, or at least something that could change conscience of people about their habits and how important is their role to the world. By their promotional video I had the impression that in many countries big parties are organized and everything is great and suddenly everybody believes to be Captain Planet (go planet!), saving the nature and the world. Is it innocence to think that, only because someone turns off the lights of the room for one hour in a Saturday night, this someone really played his part?

So, be a part of it, tell about to other people, but don’t forget that this is much more a reminder than a action. We are all worried with the envoirment, with the planet, the climate change, the universe and beyond. Nice. But, to show how much worried you are about something and only that, as everybody knows, doesn’t help to change or fix this something, right?

To know more / their official website