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domingo, 13 de março de 2011

The Disaster Message Board

With all these things happening in Japan in the last few days I ended up bumping with something very interesting they have there and is called “Disaster Message Board”.

By nature humans have some talent to think stupid things, some more than others, of course, but, whatever is the case, these talent is increased when some accident or disaster happens. People thinking stupid things get worry and they may end up doing stupid things or simply not doing their job the best way, what is specially necessary in a crisis situation. This way, with the “mission” of avoid increased chaos, make people stop think stupid things and get focus on what they have to do knowing the people they care about are fine, Disaster Message Board was conceived.

It works like this, when a disaster happens the service is activated. At this moment you can use the internet by a computer, or, what is more common, by a cellphone application, to tell to their system what is your situation. There are some pre-set messages like "I'm fine," "I'm at home," "I'm hurt," or "I'm at the evacuation area", but you can also write your own message with at least 200 characters (an SMS).

Once you have sent your information to the system whoever wants to know about you can go to their website and check your situation using your cellphone number. More than that, when you subscribe into their system is possible to register some e-mail addresses which will receive automatically your updates, so these people can know about you without get into the website.

If you think aboutit may sound useless and even stupid, I mean, if you wanna know about somebody just give a call, right? Well, this is not so simple when you consider how many people you have in Japan and how many cellphones. Is not hard to see the network crashing because of so many access and nobody being able to speak with anyone.

If you wanna know more, click here and check their website, they have a english version and a japanese version (of course), if you prefer.