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quinta-feira, 31 de março de 2011

DADdy & SONny #18 - My HEro

It’s funny how it is possible to distort anything. Depending of the “thing”, is even possible to make appear to be the complete opposite intention. And, in one of those moments where smart people use their intelligence to serve the dark side of the Force, being able to do it is easier if the person listen to what you say is not capable to understand, or when this person is innocent to even think that is being fooled.

It is there, in many things in life, hahahaha.

I also think it’s funny how, sometimes, it is mixed with some shame or fear to be judged, to be consider less or something. It is funny because most of the times people judge others based in who the person which is judging is, they think that other people will think what they would think if they see somebody doing what they are doing, but in the real world, outside of the imagination realm, outside of the fears and “I think this and that”s, people usually are much more focused in their own being, if their own being is being ridiculous for some reason, much more than if some other stranger around is being ridiculous.

It is there, in many things in life, hahahaha - 2 - The Last Sentence to This Confuse Text