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segunda-feira, 7 de fevereiro de 2011

Scott Pilgrim VS the World

“In a near future we gonna have a president who didn’t live World War II” was what someone said a few years ago, probably causing horror and making people of that time think it was the end of the world. Time has past and now it’s my turn to say horrible things: “in a near future we gonna have a president who finished Super Mario” ... *dramatic drums*... So then I see the question “But what it means, guy from Internet? What?”. Well, all the meanings I don’t know, but I certainly can say that Scott Pilgrim VS The World is one of them.

Oh and yes, this is a post with parts, so, as usual, you can read normally, or in the order you always dreamed of, or only the parts you want.

This thing called “gamer culture”

Since the first time I heard about Scott Pilgrim it was always presented as a “gamer movie”, from the world of gaming, to lovers of videogames, wow, games, games, games. And now, looking to this movie, I don’t quite agree with this “classification”. I think the movie has some “game culture” inside, but it goes much beyond that. To me it carries the culture of a group of people from the generation of today and this group knows and plays videogames, but they also knows about love, about music, about Anime and Manga, they had/have/thought about having a band and they know about the hardships about finding or own place in the world. This is the true “cultural classification” and also one great merit of this movie.

There are other movies with this very same “cultural classification”. “Speed Racer” from the Wachowski brothers is probably the closest one. And there are many other movies with the game culture inside, but being played in different ways, like in “Kick Ass” from Matthew Vaughn, or “Wanted” from Timur Bekmambetov, which uses this “game” feel in a more pop way.

I think it’s important to say that this “gamer culture” is there not because it was designed to be there, like a couple of dudes with their fine suits seat around a table making planes to rule the world. People grow old and all those kids who grew up playing games are now lawyers, engineers, scientists, journalists, writers, designers, movie makers and many others. This gaming experience they had while growing up as the person they are today it’s inside then and it is a part of everything they do.

What about the movie, is it good?

It’s a story told many times. Boy likes girl and needs to come over things to learn about himself, about the girl and about the world so then can be together. This is the basic plot, but don’t get the wrong impression, this is not a romantic movie. It’s an action comedy movie, with short moments of life messages and the story is told in way that is so different and intense that probably in the end you will not remember that all the time you knew how the story was going to end.

But with all that, I should say, this is not a movie that will make everybody happy. The different way to tell the story, creating in the screen the feel of the comics, in which the movie is based on, in a world half Japanese Anime, half videogame, half something unique (wow! 3 halves, dude?), is not to everyone.

However I think is very much possible many people enjoy this movie simply because it is very well made. The characters have charisma, the action scenes are probably the best of the year and in the end it will not bother to much if doesn’t make sense to you things like the power of self respect become a samurai sword, or a person be turned into coins when dead, or maybe one pee bar showing up when someone go use the toilet.

On the other hand, if all these crazy things I talked about captured your imagination and if makes sense to you the description of someone who likes videogames, Japanese animation, music, and know how hard it can be to find your place in the world, then you are looking to a movie which can easily became one of your favorite movies of all time.