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terça-feira, 8 de fevereiro de 2011

it's official: The PlayStation phone

Last Sunday, February 6th, Sony announced what everyone who follows the world of gaming and technologies already knew, they will launch a cellphone specially designed for games, in response to grown of the iPhone as game platform. But I’m not here today to talk about this new phone, even more because Sony will only give all the details at february 13th, at Mobile World Congress, in Barcelona. I just came here to talk about how creep the commercial they used to make the announcement is. Take a look.

So? Do you like it? hahaha Well, who know a little more about technology knows that robot, that is the symbol of the mobile operational system Android, from Google. Usually the Android is used in devices which have their touch screen as primary interface to interact with the system, just like the iOS from Apple, which runs in iPhone/iTouch/iPad and is their direct competitor. Despite the fact that commercial is really freak, it relates to the biggest critic the games to these operational systems have, the lack of a controller, os something similar to that, since the touch screen is nice, but is not always the best answer. However, I don’t if it was really so hard to make something with this idea without creating something that would give nightmares hehehe

It’s funny how Sony enjoys to do these kind of commercials, if you have some free time you can search in YouTube other commercials from Playstation 1, or 2. I have collected 2 videos, both were used at the Playstation 3 launch time. My favorite is the one with the baby, what is yours? Have fun hahaha.