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quinta-feira, 10 de fevereiro de 2011

Do you wanna drop an atomic bomb?

1 - Choose a place to be your target
2 - Choose your weapon using the slide bar in the left bottom
3 - Click in “Nuke it!”
4 - See the results
5 - If you use Opera to surf the web, maybe this will not work

To you who are still reading, if you click in the marker on the map you can get information about the color gradient.

This application was created by the guys from CarlosLab, from Australia. If you wanna know more details about the calculations they used click here to visit their website. There you can even get the source code if you want.

It's interesting to try a address of a place that you know, so you can really get a good notion about the size of the explosions. Now go sleep and be careful not to have a nightmare about it.