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sábado, 29 de janeiro de 2011

Don't always believe in your ears

Because of everyday1music and also because I like I’m always finding something and every once in a while they are related to music and to the stories of these musics. Some days ago I posted here about that psychological phenomenon of recognizing faces in objects called Pareidolia and I said that recognizing sounds as if they were saying something was also that phenomenon and bla bla bla. Well, later I went searching for some musics which could cause this impression and that’s how I found the video bellow. Can you guess in which language he is singing?

It’s a ok song, yes, and you may have identified the language as being english (or bad english), but no, that’s not english. That’s a crazy idea of a Italian musician, writer, actor, movie maker, TV host and probably good barbecue man called Adriano Celentano.

His idea was to study the phoneme of english language and build up a song that would sound like english. If you watch the video again you notice how there is no english word there, it’s only our brains completing the sound trying to turn it into something that makes sense, but now that you know this is not english, the trick probably won’t work anymore.

Interesting, no?

There is a version of this video with subtitles trying to unriddle which words these sounds could be. Here is the YouTube link.